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  • Stewardship

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    To build a Christian Community requires a good deal of effort and vision, and there is no shortage of the same among the members of St. Mary’s Church. Those serving on leadership councils work to make our parish thrive. Others teach, train, or serve at the liturgy, while still others reach out to the disenfranchised.  Our parish is very active with many opportunities for spiritual growth and social justice activity. Many volunteer... read more
  • Make Your Mark ...

    and Buy A BrickSupport St. Mary's Los Gatos Building Projects and Buy A Brick

    All gifts to the Make Your Mark Program will be directed to the school buildings or parish improvements. With your help, needed upgrades for the grammar school and church can happen!

  • Are We Up-To-Date

    Whether you are NEW to St. Mary's or an EXISTING member please take the time to sign-up or update your information in our database.  Click here - My Own Church to register or create your account. Whether we’re preparing sacramental certificates or getting in touch by phone, mail, or email, having up-to-date information, with properly spelled names for all your family members, helps us to serve you better. View your family giving history anytime you like—no need to ask for a statement. It’s all right at your finger tips, but behind a secure login.

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  • St. Mary School

    St. Mary's School is dedicated to educating the whole child by expanding their faith and enriching them academically.St. Mary’s parish school is a Catholic community that fosters and enriches the faith life of its students and provides a quality academic education.  In partnership with parents, guardians, educators, and the whole parish community, our school fosters the spiritual, intellectual and social development of our students.
  • Country Fair News

    Lots of fun opportunities to get involved now or later for the upcoming 2018 St Mary 50th Country Fair! Parish members and school parents are all welcome to join in the planning fun to celebrate our 50th year of the fair!

    Please go to the Country Fair website to find up to date information about the Fair and how you can help.

    This is a great way to get to know the members of your community.

    Country Fair 2018 - 50th Anniversary

  • News & Needs

    • August 14
      On Sunday, Aug. 19th, Bishop Eusebius spoke about his diocese. The diocese of Parassala is purely a mission diocese, in the sense that all the faithful of the diocese embraced the Catholic faith in the past couple of decades from other religions as the result of the effective work of evangelization by many committed priests, sisters and lay faithful.
    • May 8
      Our Parish Offices will be closed on Fridays, beginning May25th.